Saturday, April 01, 2006

Wanna see me race?

It seems, just like last week, my race will be webcast live tomorrow. The site to go to is here. It has live video and audio feeds. The video just comes through with a click. The audio requires a player that you have to download. I'd suggest getting the audio up and running, since form the video alone it's hard to tell what you're looking at or who's winning. I race at about 1:20 PM tomorrow. This is my race, the Men's Masters B age category. This page will have the positions, splits and times in real time. You just may have to refresh your browser toget an update on the progress.

My team is kicking ass. Our E age boat won. My team (Men's masters) has never won down here. Our F age boat did well, though only came in third. Our Open boat took second in their heat against some amazing collegiate competition. Our entry in the club 8 devastated the competition. It's an age handicapped countdown start in that event, but it's clear that no one got close to making up the margin from the start. My team has been training very hard. We're strong and fast.

I got in down here at 2:15 am last night, got up at 7:30 to get to practice. Took a nap this afternoon from 1 to 4. I'll have a mellow night and be ready to go tomorrow...