Friday, January 05, 2007

Hippy Camp 3: Do you know where that yoga mat has been?

By 8 PM tonight I'll be naked in a pool full of strangers.

K and I are off to Harbin this weekend. We had hoped to head up there over the holiday break, but they were booked.

I'm hoping we can get to a few yoga classes while there. I'll need some kind of exertion/ endorphin infusion. And I like that I have enough general strength and fitness to do much of the yoga, but that it makes me move in ways to which I'm unaccustomed, compelling me to cultivate flexibility and balance.

I always come back from Harbin feeling more comfortable and accepting of others. Generally peaceful and content. I don't know if it's all the training I'm doing, but I find myself capable of more hostility and aggression than I'd like, these days. So I need an infusion of California perspective. The company of naked hippies will be just what the doctor ordered.

My Californication may continue, as K has friends of friends living in One Taste SF, described by one of K's more reserved friends as a "sex commune". It's not quite that, but it is a community of folks choosing to push the boundaries of how they relate to themselves, relationships and sexuality. K attended a communication workshop there with her friends, liked it, and wants me to check it out, too.

In my continued effort to get outside of my comfort zone and monastic devotion to structure, routine and familiarity, I'll certainly go. I'm interested in those who try to think and act differently in the relationship domain. From the outside, they seem to have some ideas that I find, in a word, fruity (the only energy I believe in of the mv2/2 variety), but their hearts and minds (and bodies) are in an interesting space, so I'm sure I'll end up there for a lecture or workshop of some kind.

After mastering hippy camp, it's time to move on to the sex commune.