Sunday, June 22, 2008

A new best

I set a new personal best for 1000m on the erg today. 3:09.7. I haven't gone that fast since 1999 when I wasn't really trying to put up a good score, just trying to keep the stroke rate above 30 in preparation for a 2000m test that mattered. I then went on to do my fastest 2K ever a few days later.

So now that I'm back there, it makes me want to try the 2k, even though my 2k time won't matter until February 2009. It would be gratifying to crack my record from 10 years ago.

I know everyone on every national team around the planet could put up a faster time than I just did, and I know there are guys on my own team who are faster than that who haven't posted their times, but it's nice to see that in the online rankings, this puts me in the top 10% for men under 40. I think it's safe to assume that the non-posters are evenly distributed, speed-wise, so I'm probably top 10%, even if everyone participated. Almost everyone with a faster time is much larger than I am, so it means I might still have the advantage on the water, when power to weight ratio matters.

It all bodes well. I still have a few months until Masters national in Long Beach, so to be where I'm at right now is very good.