Monday, December 22, 2008

Protecting marriage by forcing divorces

There's a legal brief filed in CA to nullify the same sex marriages performed in the window between the state court decision declaring equal protection applied to marriage, and the passage of prop 8, which enshrined discrimination in the constitution by attempting to illegally change a fundamental right via ballot inititative.

A grassroots effort to put a human face on the state-imposed divorces that'll happen if the Ken Starr wins his case.

Meanwhile, the Pope has come out emphasizing how the gayness is going to destroy the world. Yes, mein Pope, this is really a big problem for the world. Screw hunger and poverty and ignorance, it's fabulousness that's really killing the planet.

It pisses me off that my mother, usually a thinking woman, hasn't gotten up the guts to abandon the Church. Her conditioning runs too deep. Just sad to see that she continues to support an institution that actively works to deny the civil rights of her friends and children. If she's going to try to change it from the inside, I'm going to want to see some real agitation from her. Either dynamite the status quo, or you're part of the problem.