Monday, March 23, 2009

Yay VT

Wish we were doing the same here in CA, but we will, and soon.

I like Obama's idea of the states as individual test labs for government policies. If it works in a state, it could work on a national level. If a policy causes trouble in a state, it'll cause similar trouble nationally.

So it will be interesting to watch as the social fabric of the state of Vermont fails to collapse. I'd be thrilled to find an intellectually honest soul who's opposed to marriage equality on the grounds that it's harmful to society who's got the guts to predict VT will now devolve into the last days of Rome, and provide clear objective metrics for this prognosticated devolution.

I predict divorce rates (incidence per marriage) in VT will remain reasonably flat. There will be an initial spike in marriages per capita, as the pent-up demand among same sex couples is discharged, but that'll be it. Hard to say if number of marriages overall goes up, given that I think it's on decline overall as an institution. I'll say that VT's marriages per capita number should remain reasonably close to its historical ratio vs. marriages mper capita in the rest of the nation.