Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cascade failure

Out of kindness for the people downstairs from me, I try to remember to turn off my alarm clock when I go away for a few days. I turned mine off while in SD.

I hadn't needed to set it to get up for practice till last night. I turned it back on.

Except I didn't. So I didn't wake up until 5:53, at which point I had missed getting boated for practice.

And this after carefully setting out my clothes, packing my lunch etc.

So I tried to figure out what to do. Should I go into the boat house and erg? I need to work out. I'm stressed. Work is killing me, I have my first divorce mediation Friday morning. I need a stress outlet.

I chose to open up my laptop and do some work. I did some. I left for the 8:20 ferry. Traffic sucked. I missed it by 2 minutes. So I sat in my car and worked some more, waiting for the 9:15.

I've promised myself I'll erg when I get home tonight.

I'm just sad that I missed the practice this morning, when I would have received the congratulations of my teammates. I needed a positive energy infusion. And I'd have liked to have been on my usual 7:50 ferry. Damn clock.

I need a new alarm clock. My current one is missing buttons and I think I got it at a garage sale when I graduated from college. Maybe I can afford a new alarm clock? One that I can tell is definitely turned on?