Thursday, June 29, 2006

Illegal? Ya don't say!

This just in: Bush's Guantanamo Bay behavior is illegal.

So it's not okay to lock up people because, ya know, you can? And you can't hold them without trial or evidence or anything and do so indefinitely? Gosh! How are you supposed to run a totalitarian religious stat..., er, I mean republi... no, democracy without the ability to throw whomever you like into military prison on a remote island at whim?

Violating the Geneva convention? So what? International treaties and codes of conduct are for pussies, unless you're Iran or Korea, in which case it's appalling that you would act contrary to the wishes of the international community.

Goddam activist judges. Issuing "opinions" and "decisions" on so-called "cases". It's no business of theirs what the president does. That's why we have separation of powers: To keep them out of the affairs of the executive branch. Duh. Go read a textbook.

And don't go feeling sorry for the prisoners. What's five years of your life? And Cuba's a place commies like to go for vacation, so at least the weather's good. Plus they're all clearly guilty. The US military found them in Afghanistan being Muslim and near guns. The US Military would never bend facts to suit its own ends.

This is only helping the terrorists. Just another example of the liberal media printing stories that suit their own agenda.