Friday, July 07, 2006

Coming back

I've been working on getting up earlier and earlier to try to get to the boat house in the morning. It's hard to motivate to get up, knowing that I'm not going out in the boats, since we're training for sprints races, and knowing that I can also do my work out in the evening at the end of the day.

Today I got up and got to the boat house and did 10K. I went even faster than I did on Monday. Monday was a 1:59.4 average 500m, today was 1:58.7. The improvement is good. The times are terrible. But it's progress.

Tomorrow morning I'll go out in the single. The critical task for me is to rebuild the tear drop shaped muscle right above my knee in my quad. It's basically non-existent on my left, while on my right leg, it's bulging. The difference is obvious. So I'll row and bike and do my strength training and be patient.

My coach thinks I'll be back by August. I think he's high. I'm not coming back to racing until I know I can do it.