Monday, September 25, 2006

Breaking radio silence

I've not written much about my career situation for a while, since I noticed a hit a few weeks back that came from my company. And it wasn't me. Nor was it anyone I knew might have known of the blog.

My biggest fear was that it was my boss. I just don't care for him to know any more about me than I let him know. So I kept it quiet.

I haven't noticed any other hits since then, though. It may be safe, it may not (maybe he's smart and surfing it from home?), but today, I don't care.

I know it's a bad idea, but I'm feeling very much like quitting with no new job in hand. I'd rather have no job than this job.

The next project they want me to work on will utilize about 2% of my brain power and require me to spend the three weeks I need to be training for the Head of the Charles in New York. While I'm finishing another project.

It's not going to happen. My return on doing anything more for my current firm is zero. And my priorities in life dictate that I tell my employer to fuck off, since they'd be setting my quality of life to zero by putting me in hotels and on airplanes and in New York and not rowing.

I wonder how fast I can find a new job? That's my new first priority.

Sadly, I may have to stay in touch with my anger and dissatisfaction with work to find the energy to make the career change. I don' t like to run my life on anger, but I have in the past and I can.