Friday, October 06, 2006

Talking to God on the Playa

One of the art installations on the playa at Burning Man, just a stone's throw from our camp was this phone booth pictured above. The line was connected to two, low phone poles with kites strung on the lines between them.

Participants wee invited to Talk to God. Brought to you by Blackrock Bell.

I expected maybe a clever recording loop. Giving you random "conversational" responses.

K and I stopped to check it out.

I can't recall what I said first, but God, a male tenor replied with "Nice shorts" and asked me where my girl was going as K wandered off.

So I knew whoever was speaking could see me.

It would have been nice to approach it as an opportunity to participate in the experience as if it were real, and see what happens. Catharsis? Transformation? Release? But my curious skeptic streak had me trying to puzzle out how it was being pulled off.

I figured it out, but I won't tell.

Special bonus: More sunset on the playa.