Friday, January 12, 2007

These birds were not fed Xanax! Pollute here ->

Began a new project at a biotech client site down in SJ. As is becoming de rigeur for firms on the peninsula these days, their campus sports a free cafeteria. Overpaid tech weenies demand free food. The Google effect.

I'm pro-free food. And the client employees were talking it up. New caterer is showing off, they said.

As is my usual approach with food bar situations, I scouted what was out before picking up my plate. Gotta know if they're trying to trick you into filling up your plate with iceberg lettuce so you haven't got space for the lobster tails and prime rib. And while there were no lobster tails and prime rib, there were some rather sophisticated vegetarian entrees (some kind of grilled polenta thingy). And the boiled eggs in the salad bar were signed as coming from cage free birds. Because one can really taste the difference created in the egg by the sophisticated emotional state of the chicken. Plus, there's all the negative Karmic energy in your salad. And you can't cover up negative energy, no matter how much blue cheese dressing you use.

Biologists tend to be hippies. So I was rather stunned to see that the plates - large, small, and bowl - and cups were made of polystyrene. The utensils plastic, the trays each individually lined with paper. Because paper means it's clean.

"They must recycle these, then" I thought. It's a company full of scientists. Who understand ozone, free radicals, organic chemistry, global warming, ecology. I looked at the bins, searching for labels. No labels. All trash.

I will tell them that their price plan will fail as long as they use Styrofoam in the cafeteria.