Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I have fleas

Not exactly, but effectively.

Seems K's cat, who's a notorious fleabag, has dispersed his usual inhabitants throughout the apartment. And it seems they've been finding me.

I've had this odd, itchy "rash" around my ankles, mostly, but showing up on other parts of my body for some time. I didn't know if it was poison oak, laundry detergent or what. it would come and go. Turns out they were flea bites. They've been waiting in the bed (K's cat hangs out under the bed) to munch on my ankles while I sleep. Last night, I got up after just 10 minutes under the covers, and each ankle had about 7 tiny black biters on it. I was totally grossed out. Major case of the crawlies.

K is mortified. She's southern, so a bug infestation is rather shameful. Even if it is her furry cat's fault. For some reason, they don't attack her, just me. But I can no longer hang out over there. If I'm barefoot, the bugs are on me in 5 minutes. I think they hang out in the carpet and spring upon anything that moves. Thus, my ankles are chewed to hell. Her poor cat must be miserable.

The cat's getting a bath, and the place is getting bug bombed. Pronto.