Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Corralling our superdelegate overlords

The Superdelegate Transparency Project is awesome. Letting us see how the superdelegates are lining up before they subvert the will of the people.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that my representative, Lynn Woolsey had pledged her support for Clinton when her district had voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

So I wrote her this e-mail:

Dear Representative Woolsey,

I'm writing to urge you to represent the will of the voters in the district you represent at the Democratic National Convention by using your superdelegate vote to support Barack Obama.

The electorate in your district gave Senator Obama 122 votes for ever 100 Senator Clinton received. There is a clear and overwhelming preference for Senator Obama. Not to use your vote to reflect the intentions of your constituency undermines the democratic process. In a year of unprecedented voter turnout, please send the message that voting matters. Give voters a reason to come back and to participate.

I think voters like myself, who are not affiliated with any political party, would find reason to be less skeptical of political party machinery if we were to see the Democrats act in accordance with democratic principles. It would be quite discouraging to see the will of the people overturned by our "Superdelegate overlords", as one blogger put it. Why vote, why participate, if the establishment will just cave to cronyism and subvert the will of the people?

I'll be watching your vote at the convention. I hope you'll do what the people in Marin & Sonoma are asking you to do. Vote for Senator Obama.



I'd encourage anyone who cares to check up on their local superdelegate and to make sure they know what you want them to do, and that you'll be watching them.