Sunday, February 10, 2008

A special kind of moron

From CNN:
But even with Romney out, Huckabee faces a daunting challenge. McCain has a significant lead in the delegate count after Super Tuesday. If Huckabee wins every remaining state with 50 percent of the vote to McCain's 40 percent, McCain would still be the nominee, according to CNN calculations.

"I know the pundits, and I know what they say: The math doesn't work out," Huckabee said Saturday morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. "Well, I didn't major in math; I majored in miracles. And I still believe in those, too."

Is this a guy people really want influencing economic policy? Or even military policy? "I know it's mathematically futile, but I believe in belief, not reason, so I'll take the irrational alternative."