Friday, April 25, 2008

Sympathy for the devil, or in this case, crazy Mormons

I was rather surprised at the tone of this piece.

Then I realized it's a Salt Lake City local station. Can't call any Mormons, even "not real Mormons" crazy in UT.

It's not an outright defense, but there's not the usual "this is what happens when you live in a weird polygamist cult" tone you see in most coverage. Certainly seems to villify the state, as if it's intruding on folks' right to practice anything they want if it's under the irrational umbrella of religion. The implication that TX can't count seems a bit unfair. At least the other anchor sheds some light on that. But the whole "Evil TX is separating kids from their mommies, heartless bastards" line is not exactly how most folks are seeing this situation. At least, most folks not in UT.

I'm just shocked that anyone anywhere has some sliver of tolerance for this, but I guess if it were to be present anywhere, it's going to be SLC.