Friday, June 27, 2008

Another PR

Cracked my college PR in 10K today. Went 36:38.5 (1:49.9/ 500m). I had a good day on the erg yesterday, and knew I was primed to put up a great number. So I ate well and slept well and hydrated and decided to go for it. I had hoped to just break the prior record, but as I got into the last 1500 meters, realized I could break the 36:40 mark. I paced the piece very well, and managed to sprint hard in the last minute.

I have a team test on Tuesday, which I'm not too worried about. I'm thinking of going after my 20 minute and 2000m bests, soon.

My training hasn't been that intense. A lot of aerobic volume, which seems to be helping. It's actually a lot easier than the way I used to train on the erg. It all seems to be paying off.