Friday, January 30, 2009

To slag

Had a good laugh at lunch today when I attempted to use UK slang, and did it wrong.

I knew I'd probably screw up the syntax, so before saying it, acknowledged that I wasn't sure of proper way to say it.

I spoke of the chat boards where moronic masses were "slagging on" our webstie. Thinking of "ripping on" in American slang. I was wrong.

slag (v): British slang. To criticize or tear down harshly.

But it seems I didn't get the adverb right. Proper usage is "slag off". As in "They were slagging off our site."

Probably as funny as flipping similar adverbs in colloquial English for jerk- get- put- brush- etc.

Upon returning to the office:

Ken: Miyagi: Slag on; slag off.