Thursday, March 26, 2009

People united for chaos and violence

The citizens of Oakland now officially deserve their fate. They don't seem to understand which people are trying to help them, and who's really hurting their community.

Let's just be clear: When a black dude with a police record kills four cops in your city, this does not promote tourism. And if you want OAK to prosper, you may want the people who have a choice about where to go to spend their money to consider doing some business in Oakland, instead of just driving through on their way to the airport or A's game.

Let's also be clear: If a guy shoots and kills four cops, and the cops shoot him dead, the cops did not commit "genocide".

I hope that someone on the black community over there stands up and says the right thing. It sets us all back when it seems that folks are opposed to law, order and civility. No one's going to care to help a community that seems to celebrate people leading them further down the path to destruction.