Monday, June 22, 2009

Courage from the French

Sarkozy has some big brass ones. Calling out Islam on its barbaric policies towards women, calling out the burka as a symbol of submission to patriarchy, not to "god". And he's holding the line on secularism rather well. If religion is "private" the burka is surely public, and if religion in public assaults secularism, then he's doing the right thing.

Of course the muslims will cry out "help help, we're being repressed". The truth is Islam isn't compatible, in many ways, with a pluralistic secular society. Any culture or religion that has failed to adapt since the time communities were culturally and philosophically homogeneous is incompatible. Can't be Amish and live in Manhattan. And you can't live in modern Europe if you hide your face in public, and can't interact with an entire gender unless they're in your family.

I wish secularism were so ardently defended here.