Sunday, April 19, 2009

Steve Schmidt has giant brass balls

He's deftly articulated what I and many other see as an inevitability: The GOP's rejection of evangelical Christianity in shaping their public policy positions. Right wing Christians are now an albatross, and until the Republicans collectively give them the finger, they're never going to get mainstream voters like me who believe in free markets and smaller government, and extend these freedoms to people's personal lives.

Good for him for speaking truth to power. Good for him for taking a step that might revitalize the forces of keeping government small and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

So if I were Steve, I'd be on the phone to Arnold, looking to transform the GOP with CA, and getting them behind marriage equality here. If there were some Republicans at the front of the marriage equality fight, in a headline bellweather state like CA, the national party would be instantly transformed. The brand perception would change. Yes, there'd be the inevitable struggle between the Mike I-don't-believe-in-evolution Huckabees and the small government types, but it would speed that process along.

Good job, Steve.