Wednesday, July 29, 2009

But my carrots had high self esteem!

Seems "organic" food has no significant nutritional benefit over conventionally farmed food.

DDT is an organic compund.

Of course, hippies mean "organic" not in the sense that chemists do, but then I struggle to know what is and is not "organic".

I think DDT is pretty

I fairness, this doesn't argue that keeping modern chemistry out of the food creation process isn't better for the environment. It just shows that buying your kids organic cheerios won't make them smarter from all the extra "nutrients" in the "organic" food. It also doesn't weigh in on the potential consequences of trace exposure to synthetic compounds used in conventional farming. Whatever they may be, I'm not worried. And it also doesn't weigh in on whether the organic food tastes any better. I do find that often it does.

Yay for science weighing in.