Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Daddies and erg scores

On the Muni this morning there was a dad who had an approximately 8 month old litte girl in one of those baby carrier things. Baby seat. With a handle. He had attached the handle to some strap which had a carabiner like hook at the end. He hooked the hook onto one of the subway car handles, making the baby carrier into a detachable swing. The little girl was loving it.

This is why dads are good. They think of fun stuff to do of which mom would never approve. Yay for dads.

I had my 2k test this morning with the rest of the guys. 6:42.0. Not sub 6:40, as I had wanted, but close. One more week of sprint work on the erg and I'll make 6:40. It's just so hard to do full on sprint work at 6 am.

I feel a little bad. Matthew, the guy I beat in the seat race, is a great supporter of the team, but is unlikely to have a seat when we race in San Diego. It's kind of a bummer. He deserves a race. We just don't have the seats to go around.