Friday, January 12, 2007

Old phone week

I just noticed that I missed a phone call today. From my ex-brother in law, with whom I have not spoken for nearly 2 years. Once my now ex-wife and I started to go down hill, he and I never spoke again. Which is too bad, because I liked him. I liked his family. And he liked me. He didn't have any brothers, and liked that he had one in me.

I have no idea whether he dialed my number by mistake, or was trying to reach me. There was no message.

A few days ago, I got a message from the woman who was mother to the kids who were ring bearer and flower girl in my wedding. My ex and I loved their family, and adored their kids, for whom we babysat on occasion.

I had never expected to hear from them again, either. I had assumed my ex would have spoken with them during one of her trips back east, and pre-disposed them against ever speaking with me.

Turns out I was wrong, since her message was to "Ken... and A..."

Which, on one hand, is great that she hasn't been poisoned against me. On the other, it sucks, because there's no easy way to say "We, the couple you thought so awesome, whose wedding you attended, whom you wanted to participate fully in the lives of your children, have, in the two years since we last spoke and saw each other, gotten divorced, and I have no idea where my ex is or what she's doing".

But I called her back, because I did like her, and there is no easy way around the truth. And because, she's probably calling my ex, too, and she's going to find out sooner or later. Though if she talks to my ex first, I doubt she'll want to talk to me.

She then called me back, but left no message.

Lots of folks calling, and not leaving messages. Makes me fear they have something to tell me that one just doesn't want to leave in a voice mail.