Friday, December 28, 2007

I want one

This car looks very cool, and is actually affordable. I'll take the hybrid in 2009. 300MPG is perfect. Fill it up once a year. At that rate, on a 10 gallon tank, one could drive from LA to Miami.

Even with the electric, I seldom drive more than 120 mi/ day. More like 6.

I had wondered to myself why I couldn't get a good electric car, when I wanted one. There's demand, why is there no supply? And I noted how the giant US auto companies were not in my consideration set for a new car. Why are they still around? I thought it might take starting a car company from scratch to respond to this shift in demand, since the current US dinosaurs don't seem capable of adapting.

Seems these guys at Aptera were well ahead of me. And with all the orders on the books they need to turn a profit, I expect they'll be around. I expect US auto firms won't be able to compete. They'll try to buy this company, then will run it into the ground. Meanwhile, the original founders will pull a Jet Blue, and start over, even better, and kick the giant companies butts once more.