Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don't shoot! I'm Californian

Currently in the UK with my client.

Saw this on SF Chronicle's site.

For those of us who understand the political landscape of the US, this is no surprise. And I think the rest of the world gets that Texans are politically very different from Californians.

Still, it's hard to go abroad these days when one's government is so obviously fucking up the world. It's so true, it's not even funny over here, as I found when I made a passing joke about exactly that. Europe is a lot closer, geographically and in day to day contact terms, to the countries, people, and cultures we're pissing off. So they feel the repercussions of our actions much more acutely and promptly than we do. And it's not funny.

It makes me realize that, as much as I can wash my hands of our administration's insanity, being Californian and having voted against him at every opportunity, I can't. It's my government, they're supposed to, and, like it or not, do represent me. My silence, my failure to agitate, is assent. Yes, my congressional rep is doing my bidding. But it's incumbent upon me, I think, to convince others who vote in other parts of the nation to turn up the heat onteir ends of the federal government. After all, the rest of the world isn't going to bother to check my zip code before condemning my country's behavior. I can't give myself a zip code exemption either.