Monday, April 28, 2008

With all due respect, that's crap

Since this would have been too long for comments:

I don't think the constitution allows anyone to do anything they like as long as they veil it all under the cloak of religion. Rastafarians have tried this. US narcotics laws still apply to them. Ganga is holy? Well, it's still illegal.

In this case, the government had long suspected there were polygamous marriages of under age girls and the subsequent statutory rape going on at the compound, but, out of respect for the rule of law, did little since they had no legal reason to search the place. Then they got a tip that gave them legal justification to search and enter, and acted on it. And this is not like an entire community being segregated because of one allegation in one family. The accusation is that the entire community systematizes, institutionalizes and endorses illegal sexual abuse of minors. There's enough evidence to support that, and so the whole community is being dealt with accordingly.

I'll bet dollars to donuts that the DNA testing will show that many of these kids were born to women who had to have been rather under age at the time of their children's births and conceptions, and that many of the fathers sired children by many mothers. And when this comes out, it will be clear that the law enforcement folks will have acted appropriately. Irrespective of this, they have acted appropriately:

It seems you're implying that kids are better off in a polygamous cult forcing under age marriage than the foster care system? It may have its flaws, but the foster care system is the lesser of two evils, for sure. And in this case, law enforcement must err on the side of caution, which is to separate potential abusers from potential victims. The foster care/ separate living arrangements are the only fair legal option. Can you imagine a legal system in which a child accusing a parent of sexual abuse is forced to live with the parent until the trial has been concluded? After daddy beats darling senseless and rapes her a few more times, she might be "convinced" to change her story before the trial. I'm all for "innocent until proven guilty", but when it comes to kids, we assume the worst and hope for the best. And the only rules that would enable these people to continue living together would also enable daddy to keep on abusing. So our rules are as they are, and they're fair and appropriate.

And it doesn't matter to me which flavor of cult this is. Muslims who want to stone a woman to death in their community, or arrange a marriage of an 8 year old to a 30 year old should be treated exactly the same way: That stuff is illegal in America, no matter what your magic books say. Now you go to jail.