Friday, May 30, 2008

Every Women's Shampoo Commercial I Have Ever Seen

Once upon a time there was a girl. She had no boyfriend and was alone and was overlooked at her job. No one noticed her. Her clothes didn't fit her well and were unflattering. She exuded all the sensual appeal of a dead haddock in an ice chest. The entire world was bathed in cold blue light. The reason for all of this was her hair.

Then she tried our shampoo! It was designed by scientists and also by nature! Our scientists have taken naturally occurring beauty molecules from exotic species and wrapped them up in chemically engineered hair-penetrating particles! These particles have names that sound science-y, yet pretty! In this animation, you can see the beauty going RIGHT INTO ANIMATED HAIR, which then becomes wavy and shiny! It totally works!

Now the world is lit by warm yellow and orange light. The girl's wardrobe is flattering. Her career is great, and handsome, rich, interesting men make obvious fools of themselves to pursue her. She is stunning, yet still like-able, in an easily internalized "my best friend is prettier than I am, and when we go out guys talk to her first" insecurity-inducing way. This is all due to her spectacular new hair, which is awesome not because a battalion of stylists spent 4 hours on it for this shoot, but because of our shampoo. Available at Walgreen's.