Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I may have been right

That there would be negotiations about terms and concessions before bowing out. Just had no idea it would be about direct movements of money:

"Howard Wolfson, Mrs Clinton’s chief of communications, meanwhile admitted to debts of $21 million, but insisted the show would go on. The candidate has already lent her campaign $11.6 million, and there are suggestions that Mr Obama may help her out with a fundraising event if she quits soon and works for the good of the party."

One one hand, it's understandable. I'd miss $10 million, for sure. On the other hand, seems crappy if HRC can get the money she "lent" her campaign back, while all the non-millionaires who did not lend but gave her money are just out their donation amount.

I think Obama supporters have been gracious in victory, largely, based on the comments I've seen around the Interwebs.