Friday, August 22, 2008

Full Marks for McCain

For speaking truth to power, in this case, the labor monopolies unions.

If someone with little formal education and limited English language skills can replace you at your job, and will do it for less, then that person should replace you. Doing so would mean lower cost of production which will ultimately lead to lower cost goods, creating more value for everyone. The labor market is, after all, a market. No one is exempt from competition.

Anti-immigration rhetoric from the union rank and file is classic lower class white racism: Poor whites want to believe they're better than someone else, that somehow they deserve their relatively higher economic and social position than still poorer non-whites, and when that illusion is popped, they get pissed.

Though if people get paid $50/ hour for picking lettuce, that's a pretty great job. At that rate, if you could pick even 40 weeks/ year for 40 hour weeks, you'd gross 80K/ year pre-tax. I don't think migrant laborers pull down 80K.