Friday, July 25, 2008

United Airlines: No longer their bitch

On my trip over to London, during the online check-in process, I was disappointed to discover that I didn't have an assigned seat yet, and that there were only terrible options left. When I booked, I knew I had chosen a seat.

I checked my travelocity confirmation. "37A? Yeah, that was your 'preferred' seat. We noted your preference and told the airline. They crumpled your preference in a tiny ball, tossed it in the trash, and said 'You'll sit where we tell you, bitch.'"

Good to know.

But I also knew that, somewhere over northern Canada, I was about to have accrued enough miles on United in the last year for them to begin to give a shit about me. I was to become "Premier". I wondered if I'd be treated any differently on the return trip.

This morning I got my invitation to do online check-in for my return trip tomorrow. I logged in. I had assigned seats! In economy plus! For free! Without asking! For both segments! (I'm connecting through Chicago. Repeat after me: "Oh here inner-nay-shin-ul ear port".)

United generally has the best deals for SF to London, so I may come to enjoy my trips to the UK a bit more.