Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spineless bastards

So much for leadership. The Democratic Congress is failing to grow a pair, and tell the misguided American public that expanding drilling in the US will do nothing to oil and gas prices for years. Instead, they choose to pander to popular and wrong opinion.

It's environmentally crappy, economically dumb both tactically and strategically. If the goal is to get us off oil, the strategy of expanding supply does nothing to move us there. If the goal is to alleviate short term price spikes so the transition is more gradual, again, this move won't affect supply for many, many years, so it doesn't impact the short term goal either.

What's worse is the Democrats keep blinking. They won't pull any of the strings they have in order to win. They won't shut of spending, because the Republicans will whine that the Democrats are "stranding our troops" or "shutting down the government". And as long as the Democrats are unwilling to use Congress's power to control money, they have no leverage, and get walked on. The executive has a veto. Congress has the budget. But if Congress won't use it's power to shut off the flow of money, then it has no power.