Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Treating all employees the same = Discrimination" - Islam

Next installment in the "religion is retarded" camp: A Muslim is suing because his company made him do his job moving things in their warehouse, including occasions on which those things were alcoholic beverages.

Many things strike me about this:
  1. What kind of supreme being really gives a shit if you move some booze with a forklift? "I am the great and powerful Oz! I can do anything! I will use my supreme powers to watch over you, and keep track of whether you keep all my arbitrary commands, and will punish you if you do not! Behold my commands: Thou shalt not wear plaid! Thou shalt not come into contact with any object reflecting light of a wavelength of 461.23 nm! If thou dost, thou can get a do-over by standing on your head and whistling the happy birthday song backwards. Also, do not touch booze either directly or indirectly. Here, indirectly is taken to be second order indirection. So if you're touching a thing that's touching a thing that's touching booze, that's second order, and you are naughty for touching the booze. FYI, when gangsters in east LA pour booze on the earth to honor their dead homies, and you're wearing shoes which are touching the earth, you're touching booze, so you're naughty. Better get on your head and start whistling."

  2. If a line of work involves doing something you don't agree with, don't take the job. I don't work for tobacco companies. I'm not in the military. If this dude had gotten a job at a sausage factory and then refused to do anything because of the pork, we'd tell him he took the wrong job. No different with the warehouse job. The dude took the job knowing he'd be in contact with Tesco's full inventory. Which makes me wonder: Tesco sells pork. Did he refuse to transport bacon on his porklift forklift?