Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Holy shit. This spoke to me (warning, has an NC-17 Anime style cartoon onthe page which you can scroll past). Especially this part:

It needs to be said that depriving spouses of sex—or subjecting them to absolutely joyless sex in the hope that they'll stop asking for any at all—is an act of emotional violence. And this brand of emotional violence not only creates frustration, anger, and desperation, it inevitably leads to infidelity, which all too often leads to divorce, broken homes, and traumatized children.

And who gets the blame?

The spouse who cheated, of course! Didja hear? WILLIE—a man with a wife and a child at home!—ran off with another woman! Oh, and FS—a woman with a husband and kids!—was sleeping with another man!

To all those folks out there who aren't interested in sex: Getting married—or civilly united, or shacking up, or whatever—is like buying a cow. You know going in that you're going to have to milk the thing. But unlike an unmilked cow, a spouse—male or female—won't just stand there in a field and suffer. A spouse is a cow with a credit card, a job, and a car. If you don't milk the cow you married, your cow has the means to go out and find someone who will. If you're fine with that, for God's sake, tell your cow. If you lose interest in sex but want to stay married for the kids, friendship, or financial security, apologize to your cow and tell 'em you'll do them the courtesy of turning a blind eye if they'll do you the courtesy of being milked discreetly elsewhere.

Regularly getting the Heisman from your spouse will destroy your soul.

And all of this is why pre-marital sex is good for marriages, families, and society. It helps assure long term compatibility.