Friday, January 13, 2006

West Coast Zen Parable

Oak Tree: I kick ass.

Tall grass: Yeah, dude?

Oak Tree: Yeah. The wind comes, and I can just take it. I'm vegan, and do a lot of pilates and yoga. And I have options. Plus, my phone is cool.

Tall grass: Dude, that's great.

Oak Tree: Yeah. You should try yoga and pilates, too. Even the tiniest breeze and you just ripple and wave. Crunches, and more soy protein, and you can be hard and hot like me.

Tall grass: So noted.

{Violent windstorm. Totally crazy global warming-related shit. All Bush's fault. And Cheney's.}

Oak Tree: Dude, what happened?

Tall grass: You wiped out, dude.

Oak Tree: Woah. That windstorm kicked my ass. My trunk broke. I don't think acupuncture can fix that.

Tall grass: Yeah, dude. You're pretty messed up.

Oak Tree: So how come you're ok?

Tall grass: When the wind blows, you have to just go with it, man.