Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Hit the boat house tonight after work to do 10 x (500m on, 2' off). I went at it with every piece of screwed up emotion I had in me. For my last 4 500's, I visualized the 4 500m parts of the San Diego race. I was pleasantly surprised to see myself respond to my own internal audio track of being asked for 5's and 10's through the pieces. Having already sprinted 3000m, it seems I had it in me to dig in and go faster for the last 2000.

My average was 1:39.2. This is a very good sign, implying I could hold that for 2000m, which would put me near my personal best. I may need to go do a 2K some time soon.

And now, I feel a lot better than I did before. I love my brian chemistry. I need my endorphin fix. I needed to go hurt myself in a healthy way. Now I'm happy.

If I ever get all moody and despondent, the best thing you can say is "When was the last time you worked out?" If the answer is more than 24 hours ago, make me jog beside the car or something.