Saturday, March 11, 2006

Good date

I liked this girl. She walked in the door and I don't think I've had more fun just figuring out what to order than I did with her.

She was fun and funny and brunette. Clever girl, decisive, and with a kind streak. I'd see her again for sure.

Nurse. She works odd hours. But that's cool. At times I felt she was zoning out, but I think it's cuz she was facing the rest of the restaurant, and it was distracting. Neither of us had told the other or asked what the other did for work, and we kind of made a game of trying to figure it out. I actually liked that, that what I did really wasn't important to her. Very cool.

We have personal chemistry, and I think she's atractive. I still don't get this first date kissing thing. Whatever. Didn't happen, and that's fine. I didn't want it. I would have liked it if she took my arm while walking back to cars. Just hard to go from sittng across from each other and no contact at all to a full on kiss. Seems like some intermediate steps should be required. And I remain a bit shy about making the first move.

I'll see her again.