Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pityriasis rosea

or maybe poison oak. But I think it's pityriasis. I had it this time last year, and wanted to tear my skin off it itched so bad.

I noticed a few tiny spots around my ankles a few dyas ago. I hiked this weekend, near some poison oak, but was careful to avoid it. So I think it's pityriasis. But relapses are rare, so I read.

I've got a few splotches on my thighs right now and they itch. Bad. I woke up at 3 am and took one of my super powerful perscription benadryl tablets from the last time I had this.

And those make me just go comatose. Which I did.

I totally slept through practice (raining anyway). The itch diminsihed and I was fine, but now I'm at work and it's worn off and I need another hit. I think I need to see a doc to get a scrip for prednisone, which I also got last time. They give me that when I get poison oak and when I had this the last time. If it gets any worse, I'll not be able to think.