Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hit the Boat House last night originally intending 10 x (500m on , 2' off). It was hot. My car thermometer said it was 89. So I took the erg out of the boat house and onto the back porch, where the outside air was cooler and I was in shade.

And, not feeling like the sprint workout, I decided to put in a 10K. I just felt like I had a good one in me.

Since my last 10K on my log card had my heart rate readings for each 500m interval, I was able to get a sense of how I had responded, physically, to my pace from last time.

I chose to try to shave just a bit off my last performance, which was ambitious, given that I still had cold symptoms.

My heart rate was about 2-3 beats higher than it was at each point last time I did 10k, which was a bad sign. I knew the final phase would be painful.

And it was. My terminal heart rate was 196. I spent 8 minutes with my heart rate above 185. last time I only spent aboput 2 minutes with my HR over 185. So I was pushing it.

The good news is that I took another 7 seconds off my 10K best for this season, managing 37:40.1. Given that I was probably still suffering from cold symptoms, and that it was warm, I'll take it.