Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A burning I will go

I'm off to Burning Man tonight. After work, K and I will trek to Reno.

Ah, Reno.

Where we'll crash at a casino hotel with a massive outdoor pool (for K, who, being part mermaid, requires periodic submersion, especially before packing off to the desert). Weds morning, we'll head out to the black rock desert for the experience.

This weekend we did some critical shopping. I am now the proud owner of 12 gallons of water. It's stored in the footwells of my back seat. Efficient packing, and better handling with the lower center of mass. 12 gallons is a lot of water.

We hit Daljeets in the Haight for some Burning Man appropriate attire.

I shall take photos of what I end up in.

The article that pulls all my looks together: Black leather knee high boots.

Only mine has some buckles and leather straps and stuff.

Most of my costumery will put me somewhere between gay man's fantasy and superhero.

I also stocked up on gold and silver metallic body paint. Can't hurt.

I intend to blog from the desert. Not in real time, but I'll write what I feel like each day and post upon my return, for sure.

What will we see? Stuff like this:

At night it had fire dripping from the mother to the child's hand, and the footprints leading to it were flaming.

Now it's installed in SF by the ferry terminal: (photo by me on a fog + sun day)

It'll be great.