Friday, December 15, 2006

Concept food

At work lunch today, I chose to give up the certain satisfaction of a club sandwich and order the not-available-at-any-store garnet yam and lemon gnocchi in basil pesto sauce.

I had burned 1063 Calories this morning in my hour, and I figured I could use some carbohydrates. Plus, I like to try intereting flavor and ingredient combinations.

The bread on the table was excellent. Almost a light purple color from the Kalamata olives in it, dense and sweet. An egg gave the crust a glossy sheen. And the butter was soft and abundant. But I held back. For I had garnet yam and lemon gnocchi on the way. I wanted to save room so I could stuff myself with sweet, squishy orange pasta. In basil pesto sauce.

My gnocchi arrived.

I looked in my bowl.

There were 6 of them. Table spoon sized.

"Not what you expected?"

"Oh, no, these are what I expected. I just didn't expect to be able to count them all so fast."