Thursday, December 14, 2006

My knee

seems to be turning the corner towards a "more full" recovery.

I notice that I'm walking more evenly. No longer anticipating pain with each stride as my heel hits the sidewalk. It feels more stable, and the muscle imbalance, while still present, is subtle. I'm about to have that "Hey, I used to be uncomfortable while doing this, now I'm not" moment.

I've discovered that standing next to the stationary bike, turning the crank with only my injured leg with a moderately high tension setting lets me isolate the muscle I need to rebuild, so I've been doing that after my workouts to re-hab it. And it feels like it's helping quite a bit.

My hope is to be able to run again. I'd love to do the Marin trails once more. Maybe do triathlon.

And I think of downhill skiing again. I'll still be very afraid of hurting myself, but I'd like to think I've not given up the sport entirely. I promised K I'd not ski this winter. I at least hope to do cross country.