Friday, December 08, 2006

Manly man

The check engine light in my car went on a few days ago.

Lest I get stranded on the side of the road when a neglected minor repair becomes an expensive major disaster, I opted to take it into an AAMCO station for their free "We'll plug your car's computer into our thingy and ask it why it's turned the check engine light on" service.

I brought it in, prepared to sit there and work for the 2-3 hours I'd been told it would take to find out what's wrong.

I settled in with the laptop. I'm in my hip jeans and cool shoes, sitting in an office with only Sports Illustrated to read in the waiting area ("How the Bears' Cover-Two Defense Works"), a cross section of a transmission on display, where dudes work in coveralls with their names stiched in script on blue ovals.

20 minutes later, the manager returned to the office.

"You're all set."

"Really? What was wrong with it?"

"Gas cap was loose."