Thursday, November 30, 2006


Had the chat with the HR chica. We did a little dance through my resume, but I knew from the beginning of the call that she was out to try to figure out what I wantes to get paid. Ad it was also clear that as she looked at my resume, it was more substantive than what she'd expected, given the role they were about to offer me.

She was talking to me about a role title wise which was way too junior for me, and not the role I thought 'd been interviewing for. She tried to get me to name my range. I didn't, and asked what they were thinking of for that role. When she relented, the number she quoted was a little over half my current salary.

So I let her know that it was well below what I was making currently, and that maybe I'd failed to represent accurately who I was and what I was capable of doing for the firm. In other words, "It's all my fault that you have no idea how awesome I am and how insulting that offer was".

She backed off with the usual "Oh, no, we were all really impressed" BS. Maybe, but clearly not so impressed that you'd still consider coming at me with something I'd certainly reject.

It's good. I've learned that I need to sell myself better. Probably need to fix the resume, and re-think my positioning in conversations. And it's good. If they had made me a compelling offer, I'd have not felt ready to say yes to it because I'm just starting to look. So it's all for the best.