Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A good morning

I walked out my door this morning and, for a change, didn't say "DAMN..." and consider demanding a refund from the state of California for temperatures below acceptable tolerances as stipulated by my cost of living contract ("In return for paying 2.5x the national average, we will completely remove winter from the seasonal cycle").

I got to row a 4- this morning with, from a power to weight ratio perspective, the three fastest guys on my team. We were able to stay ahead of the 8+'s while rowing a lower stroke rating. And it was a nice practice for us, since we got to just row. No drills. And we got to use new oar handles which are fat and rubery and actually the right size for my giant hands. I liked them.

I checked my log from last year, and it seems that 6 days before I went 6:42 for 2000m, I had done 10 x 500m at a 1:39.9 average. Given that I just did 1:39.7, I think 6:40 will be a reasonable target for my first 2000m piece, scheduled for two Mondays from now. I'll do 10 x 500 again this Monday, aiming for 1:39.5. It feels good to be a little faster than I was at San Diego last year, with 10 weeks left to train before the event.

I told my coach before leaving the boat house this morning that I'd give him a 6:40 for the first 2k. His response was to make me repeat after him "I will not go skiing". He's seen me get fit and then get hurt too many times. I'm going to do cross country this weekend, but I'll not do downhill this season. K made me promise.