Monday, October 01, 2007

Works for Bush, why not Hillary?

The evidence supporting the piece is scant, but it seems plausible and has been spread around a bit. Seems Hillary is using the "don't disagree with me, or we won't talk to you any more" tactic that the Bush administration has supposedly used at the height of its power.

I remain afraid of her access to political power from being part of the establishment. I fear her camp is making the Democratic machine line up behind her now, while her stock is high. "Be with me know while it looks like I'll win, and you'll have a place in the administration. Bet against me now and you'll not be forgiven, should I win."

I don't agree with some of Obama's policies, but I do feel he's an outsider, and I think he'll make America act like a decent nation for once. I'm hoping all the grassroots money he's bringing in can mount a real challenge to the Clinton machine.