Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Irretrievably evil

When I read stories like this, it makes me think that our government is so evil and beyond controllability only a revolution will save us.

It seems to me to be a break down in checks and balances.

Executive: If you hear a case about how we did terrible things that are contrary to international standards of decency and perhaps our own laws, the world will find out all about how we do those terrible things, and we'll definitely have to stop doing them, at least the way we used to. How's about you just let it slide?

Judiciary: Okay.

Executive: Now bend over and be quiet.

Judiciary: Okay.

When the internal controls fail to work, and it seems the media circus/ corporate sponsorship/ political establishment machine continues to give us the candidate equivalent options of Coke and Pepsi, it seems there's no way to stop the machine but to destroy it. Revolt and revolution are natural parts of the macro political process, are they not? But what will it take for the masses to rise up? More than it takes to get them off their couches, and that's a tall order.