Sunday, October 07, 2007


Last Thursday K took a spill walking out her door on her way to swim practice and severely broke the bone at the base of her pinky on her right hand. I found out when I returned form practice, and spent most of my day with her. After the ER sent her to the plastic surgeon (they do hands) who tried to set it (ow) and failed to get it aligned (says the post-set x-ray), she'll have a pin put in on Monday (fun!).

I've been barely keeping up with the demands of work, and losing a working day set me back, so now I'm behind. I've been steadily digging my apartment out of post burning man chaos, and it's almost back to "merely messy". I have so many social obligations and communications I've not made. I feel bad. I've been going done the all work and no play path for too long. I need a break, but don't anticipate one soon.

My stress is largely form my inability to keep up with others' expectations of me. Or at least, what I perceive to be their expectations of me.