Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Overthrowing the establishment

I did a little research this morning to understand exactly how the Democratic primary awarded delegates based on primary results. The good news was they use a proportional as opposed to winner-take-all method, which makes sense. Winner-take-all is what gives us such wonderful things as W losing the popular vote yet gaining the white house. The bad news was that there are these "Superdelegates" running around whose votes also seem to count.

WTF is a Superdelegate? This blog spells it out, but essentially they're Democrat party establishment. Current elected officials, but also DNC members. And guess who they're lined up behind?

To be fair, these folks can change their votes, and after Iowa, there seem to have been rumors of concern that their commitments would falter. But it seems very wrong to me that Hillary can have essentially a full state's worth of delegates lead just by having the most favors to call in. Very un-democratic.

Why do we need these Superdelegates, anyway? They just serve to give the establishment some sway. If the popular contest stays close, I'd hate to see a delegate chosen, a tie broken, by the entrenched establishment.

It was enough to make me willing to fire up the checkbook again.

As much as I think most Americans are idiots, people should be able to choose their leaders directly.