Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ridiculous weather advisory

Ok, so my town flooded last night. I'm on a 2nd floor apartment, so no worries for me. But the little creek that runs through San Anselmo exceeded its banks and downtown streets were coated in a fine layer of mud.

Now I understand why the Katrina stuff was so terrible. One little creek and one night can make a big mess. A hurricane, the Mississippi...

Traffic through downtown has been re-routed. Those of us who live there had a hard time figuring out how to get to and from our homes.

At the boat house this morning, no one was going out. Conditions were ridiculous. So I did 3 x 20' at 1:54.0 splits, and it went very well. Good sign. Teammate asked me to crack a window for him as I left. So I did. The windows are the kind you crank open and they open like a greeting card away from the building. I cracked it open about 5". 20 degree angle maybe.

Downstairs on my way out, I hear a terrible wrenching noise, a crash, the sound of shattered glass. Dash upstairs. A gust of wind pried the window beyond open, warped the pane and shattered the glass. Yikes.

I hope there's minimal flooding on the way up to Napa today.