Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Life is good.

As I got out of my car in the ferry parking lot this morning, my cell rang with a 617 area code. It was not a voice I expected: Savas, my old pair partner from Boston.

In rowing, a "pair partner" is specifically the person with whom you'd row the pair (two oarsmen, one oar each), but the term is also used to refer to your compliment in an 8+ or 4. When Savas would stroke (we had Starboard stroke boats) I was 7. When he was 2, I was bow.

I had said to a friend a few nights ago that there are people in this life with whom you feel a special connection, and that Savas is one of those guys. We just understood each other. The only other people I've ever had this "no words need be spoken" understanding with have been my brothers. Back in high school and college, my next youngest brother was sweeper, I was goalkeeper (soccer). We didn't have to talk.

Same with Savas. Same with most of those guys I was in the boat with that year, for that matter: When the 8 of us hit the water, we became of one body and mind. I could feel the thoughts of the others. With the right cox, we were our best. I linked out to an audio file of one of our races in this post. All the guys in that boat remain brothers to me.

Savas was calling to say he was in town and wanted me to meet him for dinner. I blew off a function with classmates and left work a wee early to catch up.

We talked about everything. He's just gotten married. We talked jobs, career. My degree, his degrees, my divorce. We talked old times. It's funny to have someone whose "happiest days" are the same and my happiest days. Fun to have someone whose story about almost getting arrested in Ireland is my story about almost getting arrested in Ireland. Someone who also thinks of the race as a shining moment in his life.

He's switched to triathalon and biking and invited me to do a cool 140 mi ride in Boston this summer. I'd like to.

It's great to know that there are people in this world whom I love and who love me, and who feel the same eternal connection to me as I do to them.

It was a good night.